Potential Analysis

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The story: On an expedition to unknown plants and animals, the research team came up with unexpected complications. They do not know the way to bring them back to civilization - now new technologies have to be developed, built and deployed to carry out a successful rescue operation. All forces are in demand here: creativity, skilled craftsmanship and careful project management. The press is also on site to report on the latest developments. Will the rescue of the research team succeed?

Under the motto "Lost in Paradise!", The Cybernetics Lab has been carrying out the potential analysis in the 8th grade since 2014. The potential analysis is an element of the state project ''Kein Abschluss ohne Anschluss – Übergang Schule-Beruf in NRW'' and has a strength and action-oriented analysis of interests, strengths as well as abilities of pupils to the goal.

It consists of four tasks, during which the students can demonstrate and expand their abilities and strengths in a potential test field within one day. After a self-reflection of their own strengths, two-man teams build rescue vehicles from Lego boxes and then program them. Finally, the journalistic summary of the events and the targeted presentation for the media and the interested public are presented.

Accompanied by trained assessors, the examination of the own interests, inclinations and possibilities of the young people is promoted. Self-reflection, feedback and the assessment of potential are based on professional fields, not on potential educational qualifications or concrete occupations. In addition to the final interview, there will be written feedback and the handing over of the ''Berufswahlpasses''.

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Lost in Paradise – Big rescue operation in the rainforest!
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