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Perspektiven schaffen – Zukunft gestalten

Networking und Matching im ReWIR

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Oecher Lab Grand Opening!

Here is the link to the Youtube video - for all who missed it !

IoGC Final Conference: 1200 Students Research for Community Forests in Nepal

In this year's "Engineers without Borders Challenge", students develop ideas for the production of charcoal and thus participate directly in development cooperation with the South Asian country.

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ELLI "BEETBox" & Manual now available!

"ELLI" now presents brand new: the handbook "Teaching and Learning in Engineering and the new product database "BEETBox"!

2018 VR Mine 1 c Cybernetics Lab
"VR Mine"

Integrating virtual reality into European mining engineering - "VR mine" could revolutionize training for young professionals.

Innovation Days Insta
Innovation Days 2020

For the third time in a row, the Innovation Days are organised by the IMA of RWTH Aachen University in cooperation with companies, start-ups and innovation projects.

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Project shots underground

Glück auf von der Dieselkatze!


Smart Shopping Aachen – Ergebnisse der UX-Testphase im September

Die Auswertung von der ersten großen Testphase der Smart Shopping Aachen Plattform ist abgeschlossen! Wir bedanken uns bei allen, die mitgemacht haben, und berichten hier - wie versprochen - über die Ergebnisse.

VDI-Nachrichten: Digitaler Mutmacher für den beruflichen Aufstieg - Frauenkarriereberatung im Ingenieurberuf

Beitrag Projekt "CHEFIN" zu lesen unter:

Teaching in times of Corona

Everything has to happen simultaneously from one day to the next, and preferably yesterday. Prof. Dr. Ingrid Isenhardt explains how higher education institutions are developing practical future perspectives for digital teaching in the VDI-Nachrichten of 31.03.2020.

Die Story im Ersten: Work - how can it be better?

What will the working world of the future look like, and which profession has a future at all? How do I reconcile family and work? The WDR report goes on a job hunt with people who are now asking themselves precisely these questions. WDR visited us a few weeks ago as part of the filming for this topic.

Phoenix Report: Our World in the Future

On the second day of phoenix Future Week, reporter David Damschen looks at the question of how our economy will be shaped in the future. To this end, he also spoke with Dr Frank Hees in our research halls. Will we work less? Is a new industrial age on the horizon with increasing automation and digitalisation? And what will shopping and payment look like in the future? Will there soon only be cryptocurrency?