Intelligent Knowledge Management

  • Innovative teaching and learning concepts in engineering
  • Digitization of teaching and learning content for higher education and continuing vocational training
  • Lifelong learning with mixed reality
  • Internationalization and Entrepreneurship
  • Equal opportunities and potential analyzes

In an interdisciplinary team of humanities and social scientists, natural scientists and engineers, the research group "Digital Learning Worlds" deals with the digitization of teaching and learning contexts. Among other things, the focus is on research on the use of mixed reality in teaching and learning contexts. In order to implement successful didactic concepts, development requires the integration of all actors actively shaping higher education and vocational education contexts. In addition, the interdisciplinary team analyzes large amounts of data in order to develop recommendation systems based on them and, for example, make recommendations for career paths and the digitization of courses.


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Adaptive Conversion Systems for Renewable Energy and Carbon Sources
2019 – 2025
Photo by This Is Engineering from Pexels pexels thisisengineering 3862632
"Women engineers in mechanical and plant engineering"
2021 – 2022
Rhineland Digital Centre for SMEs
2021 – 2024
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Strength and action-oriented analysis of students' interests and abilities
2021 – 2021
TAIGERS WP Abbildung
Transparency in Artificial Intelligence: considerinG Explainability, useR and System factors
2021 – 2022
Knowledge and Innovation Network: Labour Research
2021 – 2026
Clouds Female Game 123335
Using augmented reality for new perspectives on learning content
2017 – 2018
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Recommendation system for career planning based on CVs
2017 – 2021
Teilnehmer An Stehtisch
Collaborative project to improve study conditions and further develop teaching quality in engineering education
2016 – 2020
Imm Pro Bild
Immersive production room for the practice-oriented design of teaching for students of production technology at higher education institutions
2016 – 2019
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