Cluster of Excellence - Production Technology (B-1)

Production B 1

The complexity of modern production processes requires the complete simulation of the associated process steps before the actual implementation, to enable a cost-efficient and with this competitive production. Due to the lack of suitable tools for a continuous simulation, and due to the complexity of the manufacturing methods, special simulation tools have to be used. These are normally based on domain-specific simulation models and data formats. In order to ensure the interoperability, given the lack of acceptance and standards for data formats and models, new concepts are required.

Within the scope of the Cluster of Excellence “Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries”, the IMA of the RWTH Aachen University researches a universal, expandable concept to accomplish interoperability between heterogeneous simulation tools without the need for a common standard. The concept should allow the exchange of all available and relevant information between the simulation tools and at the same time the consolidation of all data generated during the simulation processes.

A platform for distributed numerical simulations will be developed to realise the technical coupling using modern methods of High Performance (HPC) and High Throughput Computing (HTC). Within this platform, an integration level will be implemented to overcome the syntactic, structural and semantic heterogeneity between the different formats and data models using adaptive integration of application and data. Parallel consolidation and unification of all data generated in a simulation process will permit the analysis and visualisation of the consolidated simulation results.

Funding Body
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Werkzeugmaschinenlabor (WZL)
Scientific Computing (SC)
01.10.2006 – 31.10.2017
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