Cluster of Excellence - Production technology (D-3)

Ex Cluster D3

The proceeding rationalisation of production systems and processes is characteristic for high-wage countries. One essential challenge is to implement value stream-oriented approaches while at the same time increasing the planning efficiency. A promising approach to reduce the expenditure of planning is the development of a production system, which is able to optimise itself during the on-going process. Additionally, such a system would be able to react autonomously to changing customer demands. Within the scope of the Cluster of Excellence “Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries”, the IMA of the RWTH Aachen University designs and develops a control system for production facilities, which is able to derive construction sequences from a given product description and to execute the sequences adapted to the respective situation.

Funding Body
Project Holder
Institut für Arbeitswissenschaften (IAW)
Werkzeugmaschinenlabor (WZL)
01.10.2006 – 31.10.2017
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