Innovation and Work Science

  • Using data science and machine learning methods
  • Design and Implementation of advanced technologies in Augmented and Virtual Reality (Mixed Reality) for applications in industry, health and education.
  • Optimization of Augmented and Virtual Reality methods based on computer vision concepts
  • Investigating for better user's interactivity and usability experience for Augmented and Virtual Reality applications
  • Investigation and development of qualification strategies within the context of human-machine-interactions
  • Conduction of longitudinal studies to investigate the user acceptance of technology, innovation capability, and interaction strategies within the fourth industrial revolution

The main focus of the research group is on the topics of innovation and work science. Research questions from the fields of data science, augmented and virtual reality as well as work science and technology acceptance are answered from a scientific perspective as well as for industrial application fields.

By testing and deploying various algorithms, innovative solutions for knowledge management, predicting future (e.g., societal) developments, and business intelligence are derived and harnessed for decision making by companies and scientific strategies.Further main research areas are the current and future relevant fields of application of augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR). Here, various application scenarios are developed (industry, health care, education sector), implemented and their potentials are investigated (performance, cost reduction, improved user experience). The aim of the work-scientific investigations is to focus on people and to prepare for future changes in the working world (man-machine scenarios, technology acceptance, qualification).

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The Team

  • Ing.
    Anas Abdelrazeq
  • Atul Mohan
  • Lea Daling


Smart Emma
Establishment of a digital cooperation platform for regional grocers in Aachen
2016 – 2019
Accelerate patient rehabilitation with the help of an augmented reality approach
2017 – 2017
ContactIng. Anas Abdelrazeq, M.Sc.Forschungsgruppenleiter
D 2.09
+49 241 80 91102

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