Industrial Big Data

  • Merging and integrating data from distributed information sources in production
  • Scalable information and communication infrastructures for the factory of the future     
  • Enable holistic data analytics on the full database of global companies     
  • Solutions for the visualization and processing of large amounts of data from industrial production
  • Return of large amounts of data to the user and to the technical systems of industrial production with the aim of a holistic optimization

The research group Industrial Big Data is dedicated to holistic information integration from distributed data sources in the industrial environment. In times of Industry 4.0 and the digital revolution, data is becoming increasingly important. In addition to the variety of information generated, the speed of generated data in particular is increasing considerably - both in the private and in the industrial environment. Particularly in the field of industrial production, a meaningful combination, aggregation and evaluation of data for analysis purposes with traditional methods can no longer be done meaningfully - the speed of the newly generated data is simply too high. The methods of industrial big data start at this point. By leveraging scalable big data practices down to the lowest level of production, it becomes possible to provide flexible and scalable tools for holistic information integration. The solutions range from the field and machine level to production control, automation and monitoring, all the way to a cloud in which all information is consolidated. Only this consolidation makes it possible to use services that combine the most diverse optimization methods and a complete provide data foundation.

Industrial Big Data

The Team

  • Vadim Kraus
  • Dr.-Ing.
    Max Hoffmann
  • Andreas Kirmse
  • Marco Becker
ContactDr.-Ing. Max Hoffmann, MBAForschungsgruppenleiter
D 2.23
+49 241 80 91134

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