Mobile Robotics

  • Mobile autonomous systems in semi- and unstructured, dynamic environments
  • Environment perception and representation (segmentation)
  • In- and outdoor Navigation, Localization and Mapping
  • Mobile manipulation for intralogistics, assembly and construction

The research group Mobile Robotics focuses on mobile autonomous systems in semi- and unstructured environments. The group deals with problems in environmental mapping and navigation both indoor and outdoor, environmental data acquisition, processing and state estimation under uncertainty, as well as motion planning and motion generation using and further developing methods of machine learning in high-dimensional state spaces i.e. for mobile manipulators.

Currently we apply our mobile robot systems in order picking and assembly by mobile manipulators, on drone systems for environmental mapping and object manipulation as well as mobile robot systems in the outdoor area.


Demo Sense c Pexels Mike mittel
Digitalization of an automated disassembly and sensor-based mechanical preparation of lithium-ion batteries for high-quality recycling
2020 – 2023
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The BMBF-funded joint project UrbANT - Urban, Automated, User-Oriented Transport Platform aims to develop, manufacture and test an individual, electrically powered micromobility vehicle that allows pedestrians in particular to carry heavy and large-volume goods safely and comfortably.
2019 – 2022
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