Advanced Software Engineering


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  • What topics will be covered in the course?


    Unified Modelling Language (UML)

    Java Programming Language


    Software project management

    Software and architecture patterns

    Learning Objectives

    The aim of the course is to explain for which purpose, under which conditions and with which consequences computers are used for solving problems in mechanical engineering. During the first part of the course the steps from problem description to the final software solution are illustrated. This covers modelling, problem identification and analysis, program creation and the introduction to UML (Unified Modelling Language). Afterwards, a variety of aspects related to software development will be explored, covering topics such as design patterns, agile software processes and project management. Parallel to the course, you will get the chance to apply the theoretical input of the course in small software projects. After the introduction to the basics of Java and project-oriented programming, you will go through the individual phases of the software development process step by step.

  • There are two separate courses. Can I choose on which date I appear?

    The course consists of a 90-minute lecture followed by a 90-minute exercise. In the exercises, you have the opportunity to deepen your programming knowledge in weekly new exercises to the lecture. In the course of the lecture, exercises on the other topics of the lecture are also discussed. You will always have the opportunity to work on an exercise independently over the course of a week and to ask questions before an exemplary sample solution is presented.

  • How do I register for the course?

    RWTH Online

  • What forms of examination are there?

    written exam

  • How do I register for the exam?

    RWTH Online