Smart Sustainable Transformation

  • Digital and technological transformation processes
  • Sustainability
  • Strategy development and change management
  • Business model development and innovation

The research group Smart Sustainable Transformation is dedicated to the holistic consideration and design of digital and technological transformation processes. At its core is sustainable development with the aim of achieving social, ecological and economic sustainability. Production and service companies, (business) networks, municipalities or entire regions are the subject of the analysis. With an interdisciplinary team, we explore the interactions of technical, economic and (socio-)cultural factors in science, industry, city administration, and society. The developed approaches to optimize the triad of people – organization – technology are directly implemented and evaluated.


C IMA RWTH Schüler Arbeitsgruppe
At the DLR_School_Lab RWTH Aachen School Laboratory, inquisitive school classes experience a varied day in the lab with unusual experiments from the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics.
2012 – 2023
AR Learn
2022 – 2024
Sugar Beet Field 4799481326
Create innovation-based structural change by intelligently linking the agricultural, textile and food sectors to create a bio-based circular economy. Emphasis will be placed on new approaches to harness side streams.
2021 – 2027
INGRAIN Strategieentwicklung
Ziel des Projekts ist eine konzeptionelle und agile (Weiter-)Entwicklung der Strategie zum Spiegeln der INGRAIN-Vision und -Mission nach Innen und Außen und die langfristige Verstetigung des Bündnisses nach Beendigung der Förderphase.
2022 – 2025
Le Na Projektfoto Neu
Research in social responsibility - design, impact analysis, quality assurance
2021 – 2024
Innovative Teaching at the Hologram Table
2022 – 2024
Exciting insights into the diverse disciplines of the MINT area in the interdisciplinary student laboratory for robotics
2010 – 2033
Img 9680 Ariz
Applicable solutions and scenarios for human-robot collaboration for the industry of the future
2016 – 2019
Kreis Dvlop 2000X1200
Implementation of digital and virtual learning cultures in the production sector
2017 – 2020
In How2MultiWind we are working on making the innovative multifilament winding process applicable for an economic and social-ecological sustainable production of fibre composite pressure vessels for hydrogen storage.
2019 – 2020
Hybrider Einzelhandel c Stadt Aachen
Inner-city vacancies, declining quality of stay, decreasing customer frequencies and falling inner-city sales are consequences of the advancing digitization of retail and changing customer needs. Customers buy where their requirements, needs and wishes are best met. The boundaries between online and offline sales channels are becoming increasingly blurred.
2020 – 2022
Innodigicraft Foto Logo
The Smart Living Innovation Forum in Aachen links stakeholders from trade, science and industry
2016 – 2017
Examining the challenges and impacts of the city using the Aachen North and Campus West as examples
2016 – 2019
Bild Oecher Lab
Digitalisation affects us all. It changes the way we live, work and also how our cities are designed. That is why it is important to learn about, discuss and develop digital solutions for a liveable Aachen together with all stakeholders from society, science, business, city administration and politics.
2020 – 2022
Fotolia 133395505 S Sashkin
Development and implementation of an open source tool for the quantitative management of project-related risks for SMEs
2017 – 2018
Smart Emma
Establishment of a digital cooperation platform for regional grocers in Aachen
2016 – 2019
180823 Dcc 0437
In the project VerTex 4.0, IMA & IfU are working together with the Institute of Textile Technology (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University to overcome one of the major obstacles currently facing the German textile industry.
2019 – 2021
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