Therapy Lens

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There is a large burden placed on the healthcare system to deal with the needs of patients suffering from neurological diseases. To support the healthcare system in adopting innovative techniques, which make rehabilitation more efficient, the TherapyLens project was initiated. The project aims at developing an AR application that supports patients who suffers from neurological diseases in ADL. Via integrating the Microsoft HoloLens device, patients would be able to perform ADL tasks in real life with the help of mixed realities. This support takes the form of augmented holograms, which appear to the user during the task performance. The patients will be able to ask for the needed help while progressing through their tasks and the HoloLens will show clues to direct them to the next steps. In this stage of the project, the focus is to develop the Tea Cup preparations scenario targeting elderly stroke patients. The project will also ensure that patients with these impairments can receive adequate support both at home and in clinics. Thus, the system will be remotely linked to a clinician, enabling these professionals to follow up with the patients on performing the tasks and become more effective at treating patients from a distance.

Funding Body
EIT Health
Project Holder
European Union
Technische Universität München (TUM)
01.01.2017 – 31.12.2017
Contact Dr.-Ing. Anas AbdelrazeqAbteilungsleiter Data Intelligence
D 2.06
+49 241 80 91102

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