The RoboScope offers programming courses where students learn the basics of programming. Since these courses are a bit more demanding, we recommend them for children in 7th grade and above.
In the RoboScope student lab, robotics and practice come together: here, students of all ages learn to construct and program their own robots in teams. In this way, the example of robotics provides exciting insights into the diverse disciplines of the STEM field (mathematics, computer science, natural science, technology). Robotics experiments invite students to develop an interest in the scientific discipline and thus discover their talents and potential. With our RoboScope offerings, we especially want to spark a long-term interest in students.
We offer ongoing beginner and advanced courses for all age groups, working primarily with LEGO Mindstorms. Building on this, students have the opportunity to work on more complex scenarios, such as the construction and programming of autonomous robots, and to participate in competitions.


Current online offers

Online EV3 course

In this course, children and young people can gain their first experience in robotics and try their hand at programming. After a general introduction to robotics, a simulation is used to program a robot so that it can solve various tasks. The course is structured so that there is something for every level of difficulty and of course our course instructors are happy to help with any questions or problems.

Age group: from 7th grade

Duration: 3-4 hours


Robotics and programming courses online and in presence on

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Who can participate?
Students from secondary school (recommended from 7th grade)
The offers are free of charge