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The technology region Aachen is known as an excellent industry location focusing on engineering as well as information- and communication technologies. Currently the emergence of projects and young startups in the field of smart living is intensified. In the course of digitization different industries as well as craft activities are included in the implementation of smart living ideas and projects. However, it is observed that often cooperation between the specific actors is missing, resulting in wastage of innovation potential.

The aim of the innovation forum InnoDigicraft is the development of thematic and interdisciplinary innovation teams in the field of smart living. Through new cooperation formats between craftsmen, science and technology companies so far idle innovation synergies are targeted. We also identify know-how in the field of smart living through the initiation of cooperation opportunities. The know-how will be enriched by co-creation approaches and used to enable innovation potentials. By strengthening the smart living business and experts the innovation forum InnoDigicraft develops a new regional profile for Aachen, which also is transferrable to a national level. After the successful pitch at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Berlin together with our associated partners Carlo Matic (Interactive Pioneers) and Marco Herwarzt (Master craftsmen at the professional association of electrical engineering) as well as Roman von der Lohe (Business development at the city of Aachen) the innovation forum was launched in November 2016. The official kick-off will take place at the 8th of December at Haus Löwenstein.

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