Indiluv Konzept

Current mega trends like urbanization, digitization and demographic change present new challenges to modern transportation systems. By introducing automated, individual air traffic, a new dimension in passenger transport can be developed, which relieves current transport modes and opens a promising scope for new mobility solutions.

In the project IndiLuV, the development of a stable overall concept for automated, individual and needs-based passenger aircraft between urban agglomerations is investigated. The focus is on the socio-technical implementation of automated, electronically driven small aircraft for individual passenger transport. The most significant aspects for success are the technical design of transport and infrastructure as well as acceptance and trust towards such transport concepts in the broad population. The project therefore focusses on the investigation of user requirements, possible effects and scenarios for automated and individual air traffic solutions in the course of a socio-technical innovation analysis.

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Information and application to our workshop "Im Flugtaxi durch Deutschland".

Indiluv Konzept
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Consortium Manager
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VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH
Institut für Flugsystemdynamik (FSD)
Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrtsysteme (ILR)
Verkehrswissenschaftliches Institut (VIA) - jeweils RWTH Aachen University
D 2.19
+49 241 80 91164

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