The IKIC Public Safety (International Knowledge and Information Centre in Public Safety) project, funded by Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine, focuses on crisis and disaster preparedness and management in the Meuse-Rhine Euregio (EMR). It covers acute and emergency medicine, firefighting, technical assistance, chemical, biological and nuclear incidents, and infectious disease prevention. Since disasters do not end at the border, training should take place across borders. Citizens, public service workers, and emergency responders should be aware of the risks in their own and neighboring regions and know how to respond during a disaster.

Education and training of citizens and cross-border exchange of knowledge of relief workers and public service employees are fundamental. In order to provide scientifically sound and didactic education, universities, research institutes and educational institutions will join forces. All knowledge available inside and outside the EMR on risks and how to deal with them will be pooled. Knowledge exchange and dissemination are central aspects of the project. The three target groups (citizens, public service employees, and emergency responders) will be given the opportunity to improve their knowledge about risks in the EMR and to respond to them appropriately and thus contribute to a more resilient EMR.

Goals of the project include:

- The development of 20 modules that will be made available, depending on the target group, via (e-learning) modules or in the education and training centers. The content of these modules includes the legal differences for public service employees (e.g. "When may acoustic and optical signals be used?").
In addition, so-called experience worlds are provided.

- In addition to their function as places of entertainment for citizens, they will also serve as training and further education centers for the EMR's assistance forces. The use of these centers as
Within IKIC.

IMA is in charge of the coordination and the technical development of the platform.

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