DLR_School_Lab RWTH Aachen

Programmierung Nao

In the students’ laboratory DLR_School_Lab RWTH Aachen, curious and inquisitive classes can spend a varied day in the lab with unusual experiments from the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) together with the RWTH Aachen University developed a fascinating offer for pupils from middle and senior classes: Experimenting in an authentic surrounding, answering technical questions under expert guidance by playing and discovering the fun in natural and engineering sciences.

Introductory sessions and participatory experiments from the fields of aerospace, energy and transport research – with the focus on robotics and artificial intelligence – are offered. The supply of a "city of the future" with regenerative energies is controlled and regulated. The flight characteristics of a quadrocopter are analysed and different control modes on the basis of intuition are discussed. Afterwards, the quadrocopter will be flown using body gestures with the Kinect. A self-built driving simulator shows possibilities of modern driving assistance systems. The multi-sectional systems of two six-axis-industry robots are programmed to succeed at the hot wire. Finally, the participants can teach the humanoid robot NAO to walk and to dance. The aim of this class is to sensitise pupils for the complexity of human movements and to transfer gained knowledge of one´s own balance to a real humanoid robot.

To sign up for a visit of the DLR_School_Lab RWTH Aachen, visit our homepage. For more information please contact Lana Plummans.