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What are the flight characteristics of a "quadrocopter"? How does a driving simulator work and what can modern driving assistance systems do? Complicated and exciting topics that are illustrated and simply explained to children and young people at DLR_School_Lab at RWTH Aachen University using experiments with practical examples.

The most diverse topics come together here, because DLR is one of Germany's largest research institutions and RWTH Aachen University is one of Germany's most modern technical universities - a great combination for young talents who want to try their hand at research up close.

Through hands-on experiments, students are introduced to questions from aerospace, energy and transportation research - our focus is on robotics and artificial intelligence. In our diverse and varied experiments, the students deal with the following overarching questions, among others: What is artificial intelligence and how does it get into machines? How can robots learn and does consciousness need a body? Using humans as a role model - do we want robots to be human?

No prior knowledge is necessary for our courses and we explicitly invite students of all school types to participate.

Schools can register for a visit to DLR_School_Lab RWTH Aachen via the homepage or directly with us. Our team will be happy to visit you at your school with exciting experiments in tow.

Current online offers

Online scavenger hunt

Attention, offer for real puzzlers! Our scavenger hunt involves solving tricky riddles and answering difficult questions. Only those who know the right answers will get closer to the solution word step by step and learn exciting facts about aerospace.

Age group: 7th grade and up

Duration: 2-3 hours

Online Calliope Course

"Microcontrollers" are in many everyday objects without us giving them a second thought. In this online course, children and young people learn how to program a microcontroller - in this case the Calliope. It can take over the function of a cube or even become a piano or calculator - from beginners to experts, there is something for everyone in our course. The participants are always assisted by a tutor. Previous experience is not necessary.

Age group: from 3rd grade

Duration: 2-3 hours

Who can participate?
Pupils from elementary school (recommended from 3rd grade)
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The offers are free of charge
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