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The joint project ARIZ (Work in the Industry of the Future) is part of the BMBF research program „Innovation für die Produktion, Dienstleistung und Arbeit von morgen“, with funding for three years. Since August 2016, it focuses on applicable solutions and scenarios for human-robot collaboration for the industry of the future.

As part of the fourth industrial revolution, smart work environments with humans, heterogeneous robots and virtual agents, understood as independent entities that learn through artificial intelligence and that can capture their environment autonomously, are arising. Intelligent information and communication technologies closely interlink these agents. They act together as part of a hybrid, learning work system. For the work of the future, this means that traditional control mechanisms and the static setting of targets omit. Therefore, new ways of cooperation and decision relationships for the hybrid cooperation between humans, robots and virtual agents have to be developed.

The analysis of these entirely new cooperative relationships between man and technology in the industry 4.0 and their impact on and opportunities for the world of work are addressed in the joint project ARIZ based on two demonstrators. The Cybernetics Lab IMA & IfU (consortium leader) develops these demonstrators together with the Festo AG, the Festo Didactic GmbH, the robomotion GmbH, and the Human-Computer Interaction Center at RWTH Aachen University. Both demonstrators also serve as a basis for ergonomic studies.

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Funding Body
Consortium Manager
IMA/ZLW der RWTH Aachen University
Project Holder
Festo AG, Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. KG robomotion GmbH Human-Computer Interaction Center (HCIC) der RWTH Aachen University Institut für Unternehmenskybernetik (IfU) e.V.
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