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Entwicklung eines robotergestützten Drapier-Arbeitsplatzes zur Herstellung von Bauteilen aus Faserverbundkunststoffen


Bei der diesjährigen IoGC Challenge belegen die Aachener Studierenden den 2. Platz!

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Gruppenbild II Mine Re WIR klein

Networking und Matching im ReWIR

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Here is the link to the Youtube video - for all who missed it !

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In this year's "Engineers without Borders Challenge", students develop ideas for the production of charcoal and thus participate directly in development cooperation with the South Asian country.

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Cover final ELLI

"ELLI" now presents brand new: the handbook "Teaching and Learning in Engineering and the new product database "BEETBox"!

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2018 VR Mine 1 c Cybernetics Lab

Integrating virtual reality into European mining engineering - "VR mine" could revolutionize training for young professionals.

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Innovation Days Insta

For the third time in a row, the Innovation Days are organised by the IMA of RWTH Aachen University in cooperation with companies, start-ups and innovation projects.

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