Intelligent Mobility & Logistics

  • Data analysis and application of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods in the mobility and logistics sector
  • Information processing, modeling and visualization of logistics processes
  • ML based optimization in planning processes
  • Human-technology interaction for new mobility services

The research group Mobility and Logistics is dedicated to the potentials and effects of digitization and automation in all transport levels. Our focus areas are on logistics 4.0, multimodal and synchromodal freight transport, urban mobility concepts and platforms as well as intelligent transport systems.

The current research and development projects address on the one hand the finding of new knowledge through data analysis and applying artificial intelligence methods in mobility and logistics environments, and on the other hand acute challenges around the design of new urban mobility and logistics concepts. In our interdisciplinary team, we combine skills and knowledge from the engineering, computer science and natural sciences. In this way, our approach combines methods from the areas of data analysis, machine learning, visual analytics and empirical research.

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Center for Developing the Construction-Sites Technologies of Tomorrow
2018 – 2021
Cense Hanno Projekt
The IoP is based on the vision to enable a new level of cross-domain collaboration in the production context by providing semantically adequate and contextual data from production, development and usage in real time and adapted granularity.
2019 – 2026
Indiluv Konzept
Development of a stable overall concept for automated, individual and needs-based passenger aircraft between urban agglomerations
2017 – 2018
Examining the challenges and impacts of the city using the Aachen North and Campus West as examples
2016 – 2019
Foto Bahngleise Af
Development of data-based applications in the field of data science and artificial intelligence to optimise and support the disposition of rail vehicles.
2018 – 2021