Technical Cybernetics

  • Intelligent robotics
  • Sensor and loop-based control systems     
  • Intelligent planning systems for production and logistics management
  • Multi-agent systems

As part of the digital revolution, intelligent robotics is becoming increasingly important. It permeates all areas of life - from production to elderly care. Robots should be able to adapt to adapt their behavior flexibly to changing circumstances. The research group Technical Cybernetics researches and develops adaptive planning and control logics for complex, technical systems. Our focus is on motion planning, multi-agent systems, (semi-) autonomous robotics, as well as sensor and loop-based control systems. From this we develop strategies for stationary and mobile robotics and their combination, mobile manipulation. We study fundamental scientific issues and develop application-related solutions. In the case of "mobile intralogistics", we have repeatedly demonstrated the performance of our systems: together with our partners in Team Carologistic, we participate in the RoboCup Logistic League and have won the world championship title for four consecutive years.

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Img 9680 Ariz
Applicable solutions and scenarios for human-robot collaboration for the industry of the future
2016 – 2019
Spreizprüfstand Autotow
Individualized spreading processes in the production of fiber composites through automatic regulation
2014 – 2017
1703 Foto Binder Carbonfaser Wiche 12
Optimization of the production of components made of fiber composites
2017 – 2019
Fasim Xl
Realization of the assembly of large components in motion by metrological support with a global reference system
2015 – 2017
Csm Logo Ec6Aa8008D
Geometry-specific design of draping process for fibre composites using artificial intelligence
2017 – 2019