Knowledge Engineering

  • Human-centered transformation research
  • Cooperation and accompanying research     
  • Urban production     
  • Knowledge Management in an organizational and social context

In the context of the effects of the digitization of the working world, the group Knowledge Engineering conducts application-oriented research on topics such as technology acceptance and change management. Another topic is the work in demographic change, for which the research group develops concepts for analyzing and optimizing the demographic stability of companies.

In addition, the Knowledge Engineering group is researching the development and management of interdisciplinary clusters, with the aim of identifying and systematically promoting synergies as a source of innovation. The basis of this approach is a combined approach based on methods qualitative and quantitative evaluations of empirical social research as well as on data science.

Increased production in urban areas through new production technologies and increasingly individualized and regionalized demand as well as new demands on urban quality of life and sustainability considerations are topics of urban urban development. With a socio-technical research approach, the research group develops opportunities and potentials of the (re-) integration of production into urban space in a holistic way.


The Team

  • Gesa Horn
  • Laura Platte
  • Dr. phil.
    Kathrin Schönefeld
  • Sarah Müller-Abdelrazeq
  • Sebastian Zachow


Img 9680 Ariz
Applicable solutions and scenarios for human-robot collaboration for the industry of the future
2016 – 2020
Examining the challenges and impacts of the city using the Aachen North and Campus West as examples
2016 – 2019
Scientific Cooperation Engineering
Scientific networking and development of the specific research processes in the excellence cluster "Production Technology"
2006 – 2018
Scientific networking and development of specific research processes in the excellence cluster "Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass"
2007 – 2018
ContactDr. phil. Kathrin SchönefeldForschungsgruppenleiterin
D 2.08
+49 241 80 91172

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