Cognitive Computing

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in the healthcare sector
  • Semantic data processing
  • Similarity analysis of time data intervals
  • Automated processing of linguistic and textual data
  • Visual Analytics

On the one hand, the research group Cognitive Computing & eHealth researches questions in the field of digitalisation of the health care system, on the other hand the group is dedicated to the development of semantic information processing technologies. Core topics in the field of digitization are the semi-automated, intelligent analysis of high-dimensional data (visual analytics), AI-based diagnostics and therapy based on multimodal patient data and neural networks, as well as information integration and processing in disaster medicine. In the field of semantic information processing, in addition to integration, questions of semantic natural information extraction are also investigated. For this purpose, technologies from the environment of natural language processing are used. The group sees information integration as fundamental to the successful application of any machine learning approach, with the motto: "More and better data always beats improved algorithms"

Ki Arzt


Eskape Zuschnitt
Development of a data platform for the processing of heterogeneous and unstructured data by artificial intelligence
2016 – 2021
Cense Hanno Projekt
The IoP is based on the vision to enable a new level of cross-domain collaboration in the production context by providing semantically adequate and contextual data from production, development and usage in real time and adapted granularity.
2019 – 2026
Audime Abb1
Faster and improved primary medical care in the event of major accidents through data transfer in real time
2014 – 2017
Foto Bahngleise Af
Development of data-based applications in the field of data science and artificial intelligence to optimise and support the disposition of rail vehicles.
2018 – 2021
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