Enterprise and Research Data Marketplace

Eskape Zuschnitt

Over the last years, many Internet of Things (IoT) platforms have been developed to manage data from public and industrial environmental settings. To handle the upcoming amounts of structured and unstructured data in those fields, a couple of these platforms use ontologies to model the data semantics. However, generating ontologies is a complex and time-consuming task since it requires to collect and model all semantics of the provided data. Since the (Industrial) IoT is fast and continuously evolving, a static ontology will not be able to model each requirement. To overcome this problem, we are continuously developing an enterprise and research data platform, which uses semantic models in addition to data models to handle batch and streaming data on an information focused level. Our platform enables users to process, query, subscribe to and share heterogeneous data sources without the need to consider the data model, facilitating the creation of information products from heterogeneous data. Instead of using a pre-defined ontology, our platform uses a knowledge graph which is expanded by artificial intelligence and semantic models defined by users upon their data sets. Utilizing the semantic annotations enables data source substitution and frees users from analyzing data models to understand their content

Knowledge Graph Eskape