Industrial Big Data goes Asia

The successful cooperation with the International Academy of the RWTH Aachen University is further blossoming. In addition to "International Summer Schools" and professional training for management staff and engineers from the industry, the Cybernetics Lab now also offers seminars for multinational corporations. Recent activities are concentrated in the industrial region of Penang in northwestern Malaysia, where companies such as Intel, HP, Siemens, Osram and Bosch are located. Experts from the Cybernetics Lab offer training courses in cooperation with local universities in which employees can gain theoretical insights and practical experience with "Industry 4.0" technologies. In this context, the seminars will focus on topics such as cyber-physical systems (CPS), intelligent robotics, the use of big-data technologies and cloud computing, and the application of machine learning methods in industrial production. In addition to imparting theoretical knowledge, the seminars focus on hands-on activities to provide practical experience with the common tools and programming languages of a "data scientist". The seminar program is continuously expanding and integrates current topics.

The seminars "CPS & Intelligent Robotics" and "Big Data Analytics & Cloud Computing" have successfully been completed in March 2018 by Dr.-Ing. Max Hoffmann, MBA, Research Group Leader "Industrial Big Data" at the Cybernetics Lab. For more information about the seminar program, please contact him directly.