IfU e.V. celebrates 30 years of IfU e.V.

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IfU at its best: For 30 years cybernetic principles have been thought, researched and developed. The Institute for Corporate Cybernetics e.V. gave a retrospective on the development of cybernetics during its annual conference and gained impetus from external and internal cybernetic thinkers.

The jubilee celebration for the 30th birthday of the IfU e.V. started on 8 June with three panel meetings - the IfU board, the board of trustees and the general meeting - before a colloquium and the subsequent roof top party marked the climax. While Dr. René Vossen, IfU Managing Director, and the former research group leader Kristina Lahl and dr. Daniel Ewert reviewed the retrospectives of economic and social cybernetics as well as technical cybernetics, the IfU scientists Jan Bitter and Sebastian Schönitz reported in their Science Slams on the cybernetic old masters, the control loops and feedback in everyday research.
In a dialogue with `Moderator` Pepper, IfU board member Prof. dr. Klaus Henning announced a third cybernetics wave. Triggered by the cyber-physical systems - that is, the interaction of the technical systems with each other and their (artificial) intelligent control. What does the interplay of man - machine with self - confidence and the digital shadows of man and machine look like when these different entities engage in intelligent dialogues? His constructive conclusion to the conclusion of the meeting, which Pepper had taken motionlessly: to consciously conduct this discourse in order to maintain the balance of the various systems with cybernetic models and solutions. And with enormous pressure to act in the face of global competitors.