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Jan Bitter has been working at the Cybernetics Lab IMA & IfU since April 2016. From July 2013 to December 2015, paused by a semester abroad at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, he was already a student assistant at the Cybernetics Lab. In November 2015 he received his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration with a major in Textile Technology from RWTH Aachen University. His academic focus in the technical field was on fiber-reinforced composites and in the economic field on sustainability management. During his semester abroad at RMIT University he focused on Sustainable Engineering Design and System Dynamics Modelling. In his master thesis he dealt with the "Holistic Sustainability Assessment of Onshore Wind Turbines". His research activities focus on sustainability and profitability analysis and evaluation as well as risk and project management. He is particularly active in the areas of mobility and logistics, production and consumption as well as circular economy. In his dissertation he deals with the development of a systematization and comparison framework for multi-method approaches to sustainability assessment. With this he examines the influences of method combination and selection on evaluation results and thereby develops the potentials of a fair, transparent sustainability evaluation approach.

Recent Publications

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