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Anas Abdelrazeq has been working as a researcher at Cybernetics Lab IMA & IfU since April 2015. Currently, he is fulfilling the position of research group leader of "Innovation and Work Research" group. In February 2014, Mr. Abdelrazeq finished his Master’s degree at RWTH Aachen University in the international program of Software Systems Engineering focusing on applied computer sciences. Before that, Mr. Abdelrazeq finished his Bachelor in Computer Systems Engineering at Birzeit University. During his studies, he gained knowledge and experience in different fields especially in machine learning, computer vision, virtual and augmented reality applications along with data analysis and visualization. Currently, Mr. Abdelrazeq works on modeling different Augmented & Virtual Reality features in the fields of education, industry and health.

Recent Publications

Daling, Lea Marleen; Abdelrazeq, Anas; Isenhardt, Ingrid
HCI 2020: 22ND INTERNATIONAL Conference on Human-computer Interaction, Springer
Daling, Lea Marleen; Kommetter, Christopher; Abdelrazeq, Anas; Ebner, Markus; Ebner, Martin
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Daling, Lea Marleen; Eck, Christopher; Abdelrazeq, Anas; Hees, Frank
2020 ACHI: The Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions, XPS (Xpert Publishing Services)
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IEEE Virtual Reality, Fifth Workshop on K-12+ Embodied Learning through Virtual & Augmented Reality (KELVAR)
Zhou, Hans Aoyang; Gannouni, Aymen; Otte, Thomas; Odenthal, Jonas; Abdelrazeq, Anas; Hees, Frank
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